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A buddy of mine is interested in Ghost Hunting. As we were talking about it, he brought up that it’s believed that ghosts/entities affect their environment through electromagnetic pulses (EMP), hence all the EMP/EMF detectors used in the TV shows. He also brought up that Ion rich environments seem to increase/ decrease EM phenomena depending on the polarity of the ions. Supposedly Ghost Hunters use negative ion generators in an environment before conducting experiments to clean the area of dust particles and other particulate matter that floats in the air so as not to get false readings and air borne particles seen in video recordings. But at the same time, the current/popular hypothesis is that Ghosts/Entities require a positive rich ion environment to manifest and that by cleaning out a room with negative ions you’re canceling out the positive ions at the same time.
I don’t know if I believe any of this but it got me thinking and I started looking into Ion Generators for him.

I found that it’s a pretty simple circuit that makes ion generators work. You take a high voltage pulsing DC power supply (5Kv-7Kv) and dump that into a Cockcroft/Walton multiplier circuit and you got yourself the makings for a simple handheld make-shift Tesla coil gun. By reversing the diodes in the CW multiplier you can have the circuit produce positive or negative ions. The output is somewhere in the neighborhood of 80Kv to 100Kv. I sealed the whole circuit with hot glue to prevent leakage and I toned down the output amperage to the micro-amp range with about 200 mega-ohms of resistance. The parabolic dish is a collector and the stainless steel needle is the emitter. I made 2 guns, a positive and negative version. When operating the unit the user is grounded to the circuit and you can get some pretty cool lightning bolts and corona effects out of your fingers. It’ll still bite you a bit but it’s tolerable. It’ll light a fluorescent tube or charge a capacitor from across the room, not to mention charging a human being from a distance and making his hair stand on end. I printed up some caution tape and HV stickers to deck them out in true Ghostbusters fashion.

Now the real question is, can I use the Positive gun to aid in the manifestation of some Spooks, Specters and Ghosts and the Negative one to neutronize them?

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